Know Your Lead’s Birth-date!

A little Marketo secret 🤫: The Created date of the lead is not always the the date a known lead is created.

Then what is it?

If the lead is coming from the web, the “Created At” date is actually the date the lead became anonymous which can be different than the date the lead became known (e.g. Filled out form).

Here’s how to know the actual Created date:

  • Create a custom date field in Salesforce like “Lead Birth Date” on the Lead and Contact Objects. Make these fields visible to Marketo user profile in SFDC. In the next sync cycle, Marketo will sync these custom fields in Marketo DB.
  • Create a triggered Smart Campaign in Marketo that populates the current date when the lead is created/become known. The smart campaign will look like:
    • Smart List:
    • Flow:

Now you know the actual date when a lead is getting created as the known lead. You can use this newly created field now in various filters, reports and campaigns for better and more accurate results.

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