Marketo Next-Gen UX (Marketo Sky)

OK, Marketo fans… the long-awaited update from Marketo is here… yes, you heard it right… Marketo Next-Gen UX a.ka. Marketo Sky is here… though it’s a beta version but worth exploring… If you haven’t already tried it, here is a quick overview for you…

What is Marketo Next-Gen UX?

I’m loving the now Marketo UX. Kudos to the whole Marketo team as well as the Marketo community who provided the valuable feedback and wonderful ideas overtime to make this happen. Marketo Sky does not only have a brand new UX but also have some great features with an optimized process. With this new Marketo, we will be able to work more efficiently, effectively and even in the more governed way.

From April 30, 2018, Marketo starts rolling out this new Marketo beta version for Marketo customer. This beta program will continue throughout 2018. You can expect changes in the user interface and see new features/updates frequently.

In the first phase of this project, Marketo released the beta version of new UX for Marketing activities with some exciting features. You will see a whole new experience with new cool icons and branding. You should try it.

How to get the access to “Next-Gen UX”?

Before enabling this, you should consider that this is a beta version and have usability bugs and some functional issues. Marketo is maintaining a list of the current known issues. You can access it here: known issues and features currently in development. In addition to this, at this point, Marketo doesn’t have the full documentation on this yet. Marketo support will be available but it’s not included in the existing SLA.

If you want, you can hold off until it’s officially released for everyone. But if you want to explore the new cool features, you can avail this by requesting your admin to enable this for you, if not already.

To enable this, you need to go to Admin section and look for “Next-Gen UX” option on the right-side Menu:

Next-Gen UX.png

You can now enable this feature for all roles or restrict the access to limited people. Since this is in beta version and expecting many updates in near future, it’s recommended that limited folks have the access to it. Once you enable it, you will see a new cool tile added on your My Marketo Dashboard:

My Marketo.png

Once you click on this new cool tile, it will take you the next-gen UX. As mentioned earlier, as of now, you will be able to access the marketing activities with this new UX.

What all you will be able to access with New UX?

  • WorkspacesSwitching between workspaces: The new UX made it clear in which Workspace you are working on. If you have multiple workspaces like me, you will understand the pain of having a long tree of multiple workspaces. It’s a bit annoying when you have to scroll up and down multiple times to find out the exact campaign folder/Program that you need to work on. With New UX, it’s quite easy. You have to explicitly select the workspace that you need to work on.
  • Marketing Activities:

    In marketing activities, Marketo Sky has new filtering options available. You can now even label all of your marketing assets and filter that with new cool filter options, see below:

    Marketing Activity filters

  • In addition to this, you will see following things as well available in the new UX:
    • Marketing Activities Navigation Tree
    • Marketing Activities Search
    • Folders
    • Default Programs
    • Engagement Programs
    • Smart Campaigns
    • Emails
    • Landing Pages
    • Forms
    • Lists

Check out the below slides to learn more about the new features:

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